JOYA PETRA GALLASCH is an coach, author, and entrepreneuress. She loves artists. Her gift is to see and foster their talent.

While working with famous American coaches she was inspired to create her own teaching concept for international actors in 1992, called Hollywood Acting Workshop (HAW). In 2003 she co-founded THE STUDIO.

She has been called a Hollywood ambassador, a creative bridge between film professionals in Europe and America. Her international collaborations have also brought powerful healing to the German/Jewish relationship.

In her work with STUDIO she always lifts her clients to higher grounds. Her ability to connect people to their heart’s desire, soul purpose and unique gifts is very powerful as she shares her deep knowledge of different modalities of the healing arts.

“I wish to see you, all of you. Feel yourself fully and drop into your depth. Stop hiding. Drop the masks! Be beautiful, be ugly, be loud, be still, be everything. I especially celebrate your abyss and vulnerability.

I have traveled into the darkness myself to be a worthy guide for you. Be love. Embrace your shadow and your light will shine. Be fearless. Your time is precious on this earth. You are the gift the world has been waiting for. Be you.” – Joya Petra Gallasch