“My film acting training at the STUDIO was a fabulous, exquisite, professional and powerful experience. I grew as an actress, I have discovered my Myth and my seven essences, I know the rules of the cold-reading game better and I can’t wait to book the lead of the next international feature film. I am ready!” – Yangzom Brauen – actress and writer – best-selling author of EISENVOGEL, Aeonflux, The Big One, Movin’in, Salomaybe/written and directed by Al Pacino and director of “Who killed Johnny”


“My STUDIO coach for the casting of  THE KITE RUNNER was the match from heaven. She has helped me through every obstacle and assisted me to survive the year-long casting process. I have booked the female lead in this multi-million Dollar production, directed by Marc Foster.” – Atossa Leoni, actress – The Kite Runner, The Florist, America so beautiful, Eyes, The Princess & the Marine


 “This workshop was a portal for me, it kicked off my film career…” – Wotan Wilke Möhring, actor – Almost Heaven, Anatomie, Eierdiebe, das Experiment)


“Go and do it! It’s an “all-comprehensive” program. I arrived here with my already existing knowledge and experience and I learned about a new market, I tapped into a foreign language, I opened myself to new information and I got a reality check where I am at in my career. All this is tremendously precious and valuable!” – Esther Zimmering, actress – Vivere, Im Schwitzkasten, Der Liebe entgegen, Marie Brand und das mörderische Vergessen, Hochzeit um jeden Preis)


 “You (Petra Gallasch) said it would be an extraordinary experience studying at the STUDIO, it was even more than that. It was my Master School, thank you so much for everything.” – Francois Goeske, actor – French for Beginners, Bergkristall, The Flying Classroom, The Bridge, Treasure Island)


 “You do great work, thank you very much…” – Mehmet Kurtulus, actor – Soundless, Head-on, The Tunnel, In July, Short Sharp Shock)


“You can hardly express in words what this workshop is about – a mind-blowing experience! It is the best film acting training and training for life – simply brilliant!” – Jens Winter, actor – Luther, Summer of the Flying Saucer, Schönes Leben)


“I could not get enough of this workshop, I did it in Cologne AND in Los Angeles, it changed my life and career…” – Astrid Fünderich, actress  – Die Cleveren, Zerschmetterte Träume – eine Liebe in Fesseln)

more positive feedback:

“If you are an actor and ever thought about making yourself a present: this is it – it changed my life…”

“The workshop – a powerful journey, it changed a lot in my life, it was better than I could have ever imagined it…”

“Inspiring, gave me new impulses, a ground-breaking experience, GRRRReat!…

“The coaches affirm your strengths, they give you so much positive energy and they look at any weakness with that positive energy…”