Marcus Maria Jung

Marcus Maria Jung co-founded the Studio with Petra Gallasch. He has been assisting and supporting the process of actors and artists professionally for more than 15 years. Being an actor and artist himself he understands the journey from inside out and shares his knowledge from his insightful perspective in front of and behind the camera. He coaches actors on the business of acting, and especially on how to prepare for the international and US film-market. He has been teaching his class and coaching actors in numerous cities in Europe and for many years in Los Angeles. Marcus trained and worked with famed acting coaches and directors in Hollywood, and he expands and updates his knowledge on the film business constantly. Besides teaching a class and privates sessions on how to prepare for the international film market, he is also coaching actors and artists to align themselves with the essence and power of “who they are really are”.


MARCUS MARIA JUNG is a coach and teacher who emphasizes a very practical and personal approach in his sessions. Marcus’ Business of Acting and his Creative Artist Coaching Sessions are hands-on and always focused on the next step, no matter where each actor and artist is at in his career. He relates from his in-depth experience of being an actor and artist himself, and shares his wealth of information passionately to guide actors towards creatively fulfilling and successful careers.

He offers different modalities and formats for privates and one-on-one coaching:

•Business of Acting
•Creative Artist Coaching
•Career Guidance & Coaching
•How to Prepare for the US Film Market for Actors
•How to Prepare for the US Film Market for Agents and Casters

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