Empower Yourself


EMPOWER is a specific career training that has been taught successfully in the US and Europe for 20 years. It can be experienced as a weekend workshop (only LA) or a series of individual sessions. Artists from any creative field can book this highly inspirational and career enhancing program in Los Angeles or as a virtual experience via skype/phone. Petra Joya Gallasch connects her 20+ years of professional experience and expertise in the entertainment field and the ‘healing arts’.

The Coaching Sessions offer a lot of practical and hands-on tools and techniques and intuitive release work, to clear any limitiations, false beliefs, and inner blocks out of the way. This transformation happens in a very gentle, loving and caring way. Her work has been described as playful, magical, inspirational, uplifting and healing.

The comprehensive content covers areas such as

• Analysis of Status Quo?
• What is your talent and your gift?
• Who are you and what do you have to share?
• Fears, Shadow Sides and Sabotage
• Strength, Power and Uniqueness
• What is your full potential?
• What are your Archetypes?
• How do you integrate your myth and archetypes?
• Creating a marketing plan
• What is your vision for the future?
• Manifestation Tools for your career
• Your perfect Package
• Who is your Team?
• Why is networking so important
and so much more…

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