Empower Yourself Career Coaching

EMPOWER is a specific career coaching that has been taught successfully in the US and Europe for 20 years. Artists from any creative field can book this highly inspirational and career enhancing program in Los Angeles or as a virtual experience via zoom/phone. Petra Joya Gallasch connects her 25+ years of professional experience and expertise in the entertainment field and the ‘healing arts’.

All Coaching Sessions offer a lot of practical and hands-on tools and techniques and intuitive release work, to clear any limitations, false beliefs, and inner blocks out of the way. This transformation happens in a very gentle, loving and caring way. Joya’s work has been described as playful, magical, inspirational, uplifting and healing.

The comprehensive content covers areas such as

• Analysis of Status Quo?
• What is your talent and your gift?
• Who are you and what do you have to share?
• Fears, Shadow Sides and Sabotage
• Strength, Power and Uniqueness
• What is your full potential?
• What are your Archetypes?
• How do you integrate your myth and archetypes?
• Creating a marketing plan
• What is your vision for the future?
• Manifestation Tools for your career
• Your perfect Package
• Who is your Team?
• Why is networking so important
and so much more…

For a more detailed flyer and pricing, please shoot us an email: contact@filmactorstraining.com