Marcus Maria Jung

MARCUS MARIA JUNG is an actor, sculptor and filmmaker. In 1998 he moved from Germany to Los Angeles to study at the Hollywood Acting Workshop (HAW), and in 2003 he co-founded THE STUDIO with Petra Gallasch. Today, California has become his creative and spiritual home, while keeping a strong professional and personal bond to family, friends and colleagues in Europe and Germany.

Marcus is very passionate about being an artist. He constantly creates, expresses, and shares his gifts and talents while encouraging other actors and artists to do the same. He teaches from a perspective of a someone who knows and shares the journey of an actor and artist thoroughly and intimately.

In his work for THE STUDIO, Marcus acts a guide for his fellow colleagues. He is excited in being part of a thriving community of artists and creative film professionals from all over the world. 

He believes that the co-creation of a new world, in which diversity and uniqueness are expressed, encouraged and celebrated, is the shared responsibility of artists today.

“To become successful as artists and master creators we have to be willing to become fully embodied and embrace All of Who and What We Are: Our shadow and light, our emotions, not just the ‘positive’ ones, – and our heartbreak and imperfections. And most important: our gifts and talents, for they need to be shared, as art is the most powerful, healing and life affirming force there is.” – Marcus Maria Jung