Business of Acting


In these sessions we work with actors individually to help each actor to update their knowledge on how to navigate the international & US film business in on a very practical level. We aim to strengthen the uniqueness of each actor, and support their journey with first hand knowledge and tools for them to stand out and express their full potential as artists. These sessions are taught by Marcus Maria Jung, or associate coaches and teachers if Marcus is not available.

Practical steps and questions that are being addressed:

•Getting your US vita up to date and according to the US standard
•Your team in the US: What is the function of an agent versus a manager in the US
•The difference between a commercial and theatrical agent
•How to find and navigate online casting and how to submit yourself
•How to get auditions and how to preparation for auditions when you got one
•How to become a union member ( SAG-AFTRA )
•Online Presentation: IMDB, webpage, social media
•How to create networking opportunities in Los Angeles

and much more……

Please contact us for detailed and up to date pricing and availability:


All content from the private sessions is also available as class sessions or seminars. The content was successfully offered in Europe and the US as ‘How to prepare for the US film-market’ and other classes like ‘On The Business’.

This class series prepares and updates actors, managers and agents on the business of acting for the US, and can be taught as a ‘live’ event or as a online class on request.

Please contact us for details and pricing if you are interested to book this format for your school or agency.

Please contact us for detailed and up to date pricing and availability: