Empower Yourself Career Training 3.0

12.-13.Oktober in Berlin


A 2-DAY Weekend Seminar
with Author, Coach and Producer Joya Petra Gallasch


Dear Collegues,

You are ‘unique’. There IS only one YOU. It is your calling to live this uniqueness. When we do – as artists and actors – we become a mirror and we inspire everybody that we come into contact with to also live their uniqueness. You live an authentic life, others are inspired to live it themselves.

Do you feel your unique strength – do you breathe it, talk it, walk it, sing it, dance it – LIVE IT?

We are master-creators – we create the lives we wish to live. Every moment of the day we have the opportunity to make small and big decisions and choices that empower us or take away the strength. We have everything that we need to succeed. This I strongly believe! Why?

I have experienced challenges on every level – loss of companies, best friends, betrayal, debt, bankrupcty, sickness and last but not least a wildfire that burned all I owned. For a long time my constant companions were fear and pain. No empowerment at all! I was a mess and my task was to grow out of this misery step by step, day by day. And I did.

Every single piece of information that I am about to share with you during this weekend, is experienced and has led me to inner peace and outer success.

We are the captain of our ship. We have the gift of choice. When we drop into responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, clarity shows up. We discover ‘who we truly are’. Often great support will show up from everywhere.

Inner work with a combination of precise steps outside of yourselves, lead to success. Then sentences and beliefs like ‘other people always seem to have more luck’ or ‘I am not good enough’or ‘nobody wants me or sees me’ will disappear and there is only power and potential unfolding.

It is my sincere wish and desire to shower you with presents that will help you to feel your uniqueness and power, to say YES 100% to being an artist and an actor and to have a plan, a vision of what is next.

May all of your dreams and wishes – especially those as an actor – come true and may you lead a fulfilled life. This I wish for you. It’s all up to you. Are you ready?

See you soon!  Joya Petra


EMPOWER YOURSELF has been taught in
•Los Angeles
•Berlin (Germany)
•Munich (Germany)
•Hamburg (Germany)
•Cologne (Germany)
•Vienna (Austria)
•Zurich (Switzerland).


Empower Yourself CONTENT


“Don’t build your House on sand, have a solid foundation.”
This weekend consists of different categories of information

1.    Who am I ?
2.    My perfect presentation package
3.    My Team/Entourage
4.    Networking
5.    To prepare for the international Film Market
6.    Visionquest

We will look into the following details and answer many questions related to being an actor. All of this happens playfully with practical exercises and great fun. You will receive a workbook with many templates.


-Being an Actor Associations Sheet
-Artists Belief Sheet
-What do I feel and what do I allow into my life?
-What is my intention for the workshop?
-How can affirmations support my personal process?
-Why am I an actor/actress exercise?
-What are my values?
-Do I know my archetypes?
-Do I know my myth?
-Who am I and what are the stories of my life?
-How do I create a successful career as a film/tv and theater actor?
-and more more more….



-What do I need?
-Why is a professional package so important?
-What are the single elements?
-What do I need to know about my headshots?
-What are the tips for a successful foto-shoot?
-How do I prepare for it?
-How does a professional resume look like?
-What about demoreels? How important are they?
-Content – Menue – – DVD or Video? – the Sleeve?
-Do I need a website? What should be the content
..”I learned at the EMPOWER YOURSELF Seminar
how to present myself professionally, honestly I did everything wrong before. I am totally inspired. The STUDIO programs are worth every penny. Philipp Harth



-Do I know my industry?
-What is the role of each and everyone?
-Who is important for me? And why?
-What is the role of the agent? Do I need one and how do I get one?
-What is the job of the casting-director? How do I get an appointment? What
do I need to know?
-What is the difference of an agent and a manager?
-Why do I need a coach?
-Why is the director, producer and camera-man so important?
-And how about the editor?
-Do I need a PR agent?
-Why are journalists important for me and how do I contact them?
-What about production managers, line producers, hair/make up and
production assistants?
-and more more more…



-What exactly is networking and why is it so important?
-What are some of the greatest sources/resources?
-What about filmfunds?
-Any webportals that are important for me?
-How can I access information from the media?
-What can I do at a film festival?
-and more more more….



-What is the vision for my life?
-What is the vision until the end of this year?
-What are my dreams?
-Do I put them out in the right way?
-How do I wish in a successful way?
-What is in the way?
-What are my road blocks und unconscious beliefs?
-What is an affirmation?
-Which ones support me? And why?




…”I have learned at the EMPOWER YOURSELF how to manifest my dreams and wishes. I got all the information that is important for it. This seminar is the best present you can give to yourself. THANK YOU!!!!!  (Ulrike Mahr)

When we touch, taste and feel our power and uniqueness and realize that WE are creating our lives – every moment of the day – then we connect to our personal myth and authenticity.

And we experience an incredible feeling of self-worth which shines our unique light out into the world like beacon out on the sea.

You find all answers inside of yourself. Let’s start looking!

I am so totally inspired and motivated by the content of the workshop that I don’t want to go to bed , but start working with my new plan and vision. (Julita Witt)

It was such a great blessing and honor to meet you. The energy is back, the engine is charged. Thank you soooooo much!
(Hendrik Borgmann)

Thanx for Being: My bags are filled again! (Tessa Mittelstaedt)

The seminar was inspiring, motivating and intense! (Barbara Kawa)

“Enlightening” (Lee Rychter)

“From the center of the earth to the stars…!” (Sylvie-Delphine Sanders)

My vision of the world of acting again is big and full of hope! (Caroline Leisau)

I said YES to this workshop at the right time. (Harald Maack)

The 2-Day Journey through different possibilities and many new doors, has changed my life! (Zulma Angelica)

Simply to be recommended! (Marco Hodapp)

I found my power again! (Jens Winter)

I discovered that I did not dare to live the life I really want so far. (Frauke Maria van der Laan)

Trust in your path! (Jürgen Elbers)

Gratitude is the door to wealth and abundance. Thank you for this amazing energy you created and shared with me! Wow!
(Manja Doering)

Inspiring, motivating. This seminar offers a fresh breeze and wind and activates hope. I can see myself clearer now and I have a constructive plan to work with. (Melanie Reisert)

The Universe is UNLIMITED!!! Empower yourself Seminar? I want more more more!!!! (Edyta Jaworska)

I am impressed and moved, full with information that nurtures and nourishes me. Thank you for being! (Antonia Bergman)

I have now full days ahead of me to integrate all of the information. Thank you! (Arnd Schimkat)

Grande – was essential for me. I want to continue the process right now! (Kathrin Höhne)

A seminar that will move me for a long time. In such a positive way. Thank you to Petra and Marcus.

It gives you power back and inspires courage –it pushes the american way. (Carolina Rath)

The seminar rocked! Let it flow! (Iris Graf)

Don’t wait – go for it – for yourself! And all the other selves you wish to be…!
Being my own elf! (Birgit Thiel)

It initiates the old and ancient power inside of me to set goals and to live my dreams! (Sylvie-Delphine Sanders)

It freed me off my blocks and old beliefs. (Ralph Saml)

Wonderful – inspiring! (Beate Pfeiffer)

I could feel the truth. I never sign up for seminars, but this one my intuition told me to go for it. I received exactly what I needed. Thank you! (Patricia Hirschbichler)

Until now I not only totally neglected this essential aspect of my profession, but I also looked down on it: Marketing and Promotion – this has changed today! (Mike Hoffmann)

Very practical! Great! Every school should teach this kind of information in Germany and worldwide! (Lulu Bail)

I received a fillhorn of techniques and concrete instructions to act with clarity and a goal and to have a professional marketing plan!(Sascha Kudella)

An intense and inspiring weekend with many insider-tipps und a gigantic treasure box of experiences! Super! It works!
(Claudia Kaatzsch)


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