Please check with your local film fund or other possibilities to help finance your program.

For all students:

1. The STUDIO Workshops are tax-deductible
Depending on the tax system of your country, the HAW workshop may be tax-deductible (in full or in part – consult your accountant).

2. The STUDIO offers payment plans
Mostly, the actor pays a percentage of the workshop fee, accommodation and/or rental car costs and then pays off the balance in monthly installments over a period of time.

3. The STUDIO offers ‘Financial Aid’
On a limited basis, financial aid is available for each workshop for students who establish financial need.

-Financial need must be explained in writing.
-At least two years experience as a professional actor.
-Your application must be received in our office at least one month before the workshop starts.
-Please include a letter explaining your financial situation, a resume and a headshot.

For actors whose permanent residence is in Germany only:

There are various ways to receive financial support for our workshops:


1. GVL supports education and training. The German ‘Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten’ (GVL) pays their members residuals for their work in German TV, film and theater. You are eligible to become a member of the GVL if you are a citizen of any EU country. (Swiss citizens are only eligible if they have their permanent residence in Germany). You become a member (no cost) by filling out a GVL application, then you will receive 6% of your yearly income as residuals. More important, GVL supports the education and training of actors including our workshop. In the past, most actors have received up to 900 EURO towards the STUDIO tuition. In any case we highly recommend that you become a member of the GVL and apply for financial support before the seminar starts. Contact: GVL, Fr. Wegener, Podbielskiallee, 14195 Berlin, T: 030/48483-600, F: 030/48483-700,


2. FFA (Filmförderungsanstalt Berlin) supports STUDIO actors:Another opportunity to receive a sponsorship (up to 50 % or more of the STUDIO Tuition) might be the ‘Filmförderungsanstalt’ in Berlin. Contact: FFA, z.Hd. Ina Kerkow, Grosse Präsidentenstr.9, 10178 Berlin, T: 030/275 77-314,

A lot of countries offer government funded financial support. Please check with your ministry of education and culture for possible scholarships. Please let us know of any opportunities, so we can pass it on to other actors for future reference.

For further information please contact our office: ++1 (323) 428 2279

If you want to download our FFA SAMPLE application, contact us.

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