Our MASTER SCHOOL is not just a film acting training, it focuses on every level of your being and career. Together we evaluate precisely your status quo and co-create a powerful program that harmonizes and empowers body, mind and soul.

If there are any blocks, patterns, issues or limiting beliefs in the way, the best film acting techniques will only go so far. Our wish is to support you to truly break through and express your brilliance fully

OUR SPECIALTY IS that we combine 3 different elements to allow full and successful integration of the new information.


• outstanding professional film acting training (see teachers below)

transformational coaching and energy work (metatronic healing, reiki, family constellation)

movement classes (dance & movement)

“My film acting training at the STUDIO was a fabulous, exquisite, professional and powerful experience. I grew as an actress, I have discovered my Myth and my seven essences, I know the rules of the cold-reading game better and I can’t wait to book the lead of the next international feature film. I am ready!”

Today Yangzom Brauen is an actress (Aeonflux, The Big One, Movin’in, Salomaybe/written and directed by Al Pacino), a best-selling author of EISENVOGEL/ACROSS MANY MOUNTAINS, and a writer/director of “WHO KILLED JOHNNY?”


Classes to choose from:


  • On Camera -THE Ardavany Approach (Tom Ardavany)
  • Comedy for Film/TV/Sitcom/Soap (Cherie Franklin )
  • Close-up Film Acting: Marketing your Career (Petra Gallasch)
  • Visionquest (Petra Gallasch )
  • Sense Memory for Film (Petra Gallasch)
  • Script Analysis – Private Coaching (Petra Gallasch)
  • On-Camera Laboratory ( Eric de Gama)
  • Audition Technique (Annie Grindlay & Associates)
  • American Master Class ( Bjørn Johnson )
  • Preparation for Film – Private Coaching (Bjørn Johnson)
  • How to prepare for the international Film Market (Marcus Maria Jung)
  • Accent Training (Jon Sperry)
  • Myth and Archetype Work (Pamela Jaye Smith)
  • Discounts and more info

Tom Ardavany: On Camera – THE Ardavany Approach

The artist is introduced to the basic elements that allow for the “Journey through the frame” to occur. The tools the artist needs to sculpt his impression in the hearts and minds of the viewer. Session #1 will be understanding the elements that comprise on-camera moments.  Session #2 explains how the script translates to on-camera action. Session #3 takes the actor into “The origin of action” that allows for effective character choices for shaping on-camera moments. And Session #4 is the application of camera angles of perception to the previously mentioned topics. This is four of  a thirty topic teaching.

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Cherie Franklin: Comedy for Film/TV/Sitcom/Soap

Many believe acting is acting, comedy is comedy and fruit is fruit. Yet there is no apple shaped like a banana, an orange the color of green grapes or a peach that tastes like a fig. So acting is not just acting and comedy is not just comedy. There is comedy for feature film or TV or situation comedy. All of these types of comedy require certain tools, guidelines, timing and rules that can benefit the actor in developing his comedy character. The playing field between feature film, sitcoms and dramady are vastly different. There is a definite structure to sitcoms, within that structure there are facts the actor must know in order to set-up and pay-off the individual humor within the text. Cherie has created the Chartreuse Comedy Card, a recipe that is the crossover bridge that many working actors have used successfully which will be part of this on-camera class. Depending on your needs Cherie can specifically focus on each of the different formats.

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Petra Gallasch: Mindset, Message and Marketing for the Actor

Do you have a strategy for your career? ? Do you fully understand the industry that you are getting into or that you work in? Do you know the key-players? Do you understand what agents are for and how to you get one? Do you know how to present yourself in the most professional way with headshots, resumé and demo-reel? What does the casting-director, the director, the producer, the pr-agent, the cameraman, or the editor need you to do? This class focuses on the bestselling book: Close-up: Film Acting and gives you an overview of what to do, what to expect, how to prepare and how to enjoy the steps of building a successful career.

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Petra Gallasch: Visionquest

“Everything you can imagine is real,” Picasso said. Envision the life you wish to live? Do you have a financial goal? What are your steps toward achieving your professional career? Where do you want to live? And what is in your way – your fears? This class takes you into your dreams and offers you the space verbally and visually to make the impossible possible, even if it’s just for a moment. Let life do the magic. A moment becomes a reality and suddenly the idea or the dream will start to manifest.

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Petra Gallasch: Sense Memory for Film

What exactly is sense memory and how can the actor use it for his work in front of the camera? How can sense memory help you to become part of and fully grounded in an imaginary situation such as your scene work? How can you start thinking, feeling, talking, and walking as your character? Experience practical exercises combined with analytical tools that take the actor into the depth of his own reservoir, his memories connected with senses such as taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. Understand that sense memory is a form of preparation which enables the actor to fine-tune his instrument, just as dancers practice and musicians rehearse each day. Like spices that improve a meal, sense memory deepens the actor’s understanding of the character and eventually his performance by being emotionally open and ready. This is an on-camera class.

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Petra Gallasch: Script Analysis (Private Coaching)

Every actor should know how to analyze a script and understand what makes a screenplay outstanding, good or bad? Are there any rules? What are they? What is the usual or ordinary world of a character, the world of adventure and the world of transformation? What is an inciting incident, when should crisis or conflict happen, what is a turning point and what defines the climax? You will watch several famous movies, and analyze their structure, learn to see the big picture, see what makes a good script work and discover how a well-developed character rises and falls, only to rise again.

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Eric de Gama: On-Camera Laboratory

‘ I am interested in flying, not thinking.’ – Meryl Streep. This unique and revolutionary film acting technique workshop frees and empowers you to do just that – fly – work with spontaneity, precision, and full emotional power on film. Make no mistake, you will be challenged to toss aside all your notions about acting, and to explore a transformative new realm of possibility which enables you to express your humanity in artistic form and illuminate the dramatic story with truth and passion. This advanced approach gives you nuts-and -bolts tools you can use to audition effectively and brings an element of surprise and distinction, a razor sharp edge, to your performances on film. Intensive on-camera laboratory work using film scripts includes cold reading, audition prep, memorized scenes, with emphasis on detailed emotional work and the close up. Are you ready for your Oscar?

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Annie Grindlay & Associates: The Audition Technique

In a small cramped space, with a script in your hand, you are asked to bring a story to life. Auditioning for film and TV is one of the hardest things an actor can go through. So what do you do? Dread it or fix it!! Whether we like it or not, auditioning is the stepping stone to working in this town. At her studio, she teaches the actor how to live it, love it and book it.

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Bjørn Johnson: American Master Class

Study with a class of American and international film professionals.


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Bjørn Johnson: Preparation for Film – Private Coaching

You can book Bjørn for private acting training. This is very helpful when you need specific help with a character for a film.


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Marcus Maria Jung: How to prepare for the international film market

This class prepares and updates actors on the BUSINESS of acting, and especially on how to prepare for the international film-market. Questions like: How does casting work, what does your team in the US look like ? What is SAG? What does SAG mean for actors who work internationally (Union versus Non-Union). How do you present yourself ?-  are being addressed in seminars or private coachings. Marcus aims to strengthen the individuality of each actor, and supports their journey with first hand knowledge and tools in order to compete in this demanding business.

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Jon Sperry: Accent Training

If English is your second language, or a regional dialect holds you back, you need accent reduction or accent elimination training. If you want to learn how to lose your accent or how to get or improve an American accent, how to speak relaxed, beautiful American English, you need accent reduction or accent elimination training. Jon is the expert and will record the session (Mp3 download available immediately) and store it; or we will snail-mail a CD recording of it.

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Pamela Jaye Smith: Myth and Archetype Work

What makes a compelling performance? Accuracy and richness of portrayal. How can YOU do this? By using timeless tools of myth-makers and story-tellers as reflected in the archetypes, heroes, and villains of classic and modern stories. The Centers of Motivation offer 8 distinct and complex character profiles: motivations, strengths, weaknesses, fears, styles of speaking and moving, etc. Workshops will explore each of the Centers and their driving motivation (survival, sex, personal power, altruism, etc.) with examples from myth, history, and current affairs. Film clips from media will illustrate the Centers in action. In our exercises you’ll act out scenes coming from various different Centers, so you learn to be-do-act from that unique motivation. Rather than constricting your performance, the Centers give you a rich, dynamic foundation from which to interpret characters. These performance tools are also valuable in interviews and auditions, as well as in your regular life.

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Discounts and other info

  • A special discount of $300 applies for actors signing up 2 months before the workshop starts, all funds for workshop and other fees have to be received in L.A. 4 weeks before the program starts to qualify for this offer
  • For sponsorship and financial aid information, contact us at the studio
  • flight, accommodation, car rental, food and all other expenses are not included in the workshop price
  • changes may apply